The Friday Falconry Experience

(1 hour)

This is a new Friday experience for spring 2024. A hands-on walk from Elaine’s Tearoom, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, with a trained bird of prey. We’ll lend you a falconers glove and you’ll get lots of opportunities to call a bird back down to your hand.

As we walk through the Feizor countryside, he will ‘follow on’ through the trees and along the drystone walls, before coming back for a tasty treat. This is a relaxed pace walk with one of our friendly falconers.

Suitable for age 7 and over.

((If you have a particular Friday date in mind, please contact us to check availability first at or telephone 01729 268576)

More experiences coming soon!
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One Participant - £50.00
Two Participants - £90.00
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